Competition Analysis, PPC & SEO Strategy Drive 27% increase in traffic

Activate Learning is an award-winning education group that aims for progressive change and impact through learning. We helped them as part of a short term project to boost their traffic and course enquiries.

The challenge

The Oxford college branch of Activate Learning were suffering from a lack of enquiries at the start of February. To work towards their goal of ramping up student numbers across multiple departments, we proposed an SEO and PPC strategy that would run in tandem to meet this.

Specifically, across a four-month period, we were asked to:

  • Drive an agreed amount of organic and paid leads per month
  • Maintain an agreed CPL.

The strategy

  • We restructured their existing PPC account to optimise budget spend and resources
  • We mapped out the digital journey of Activate Learning’s audience, allowing us to pinpoint where our PPC campaigns would drive the most value. We ensured this would complement any paid social campaigns that were running simultaneously by the internal marketing team.
  • We created new ad copy and creative assets, adapted to each campaign and measured success via Google Analytics.
  • We conducted a content and technical SEO audit of their current website, and created a Google Sheet containing optimisation tasks that were prioritised in order of largest SEO impact.
  • These were implemented in conjunction with internal marketing team, and success measured in SEMRush.

The results

Within four months, we successfully managed to demonstrate the power of PPC and SEO, and achieve a 10% increase in organic visibility. Together, we also achieved:

  • 19% decrease in CPL
  • 45% increase in total leads compared to previous 4 months
  • 22% increase in paid leads compared to previous 4 months.