What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a digital strategy that involves generating and distributing useful, relevant content that will be shared over the Internet.

It is a crucial component of any digital marketing plan, and carries the following benefits over time:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased sales
  • More valuable and loyal customers

The better your content, the more likely you will receive subscribers to your website and people will share it. This improves your chances of converting customers and turning them into repeat buyers when they visit your site.

High quality content underpins all other aspects of your digital marketing strategy:

  • Social media – people will share useful, valuable information
  • SEO – Google ranks pages more highly if they contain the best content on a certain topic
  • Brand reputation – customers will start to trust you as a reliable source of information
  • Pay-per-click advertising – this only works well if there is fantastic content behind the ads
  • PR – a good PR strategy uses content that helps resolve people’s problems
  • Inbound marketing – to gain more traffic and new leads, content must be up to scratch.

Good quality content talks directly to your target audience, grabs their attention and makes your brand memorable.

A carefully planned content strategy allows you to produce the best types of content for your audience, the main message you want to convey, as well as the ideal moment to reach your intended visitors.

Anticipating your audience’s questions and adapting to their needs are key to a successful content strategy, and will help you achieve your digital marketing goals and deliver a significant return on investment.

Increase your brand awareness

Nightingale Marketing can build your brand and move it toward your target audience with a carefully curated content marketing plan.

We will devise the most suitable strategy that engages the right audiences, and makes them start talking about your brand.

Your content marketing then works hand-in-hand with your social media engagement, search engine visibility and email sign-ups.

Improve website traffic quality

High quality, well-written and useful content helps build rapport with your target audiences. They will see you as a trusted, transparent brand that they can start coming back to again and again, as they know what to expect.

Our content marketing strategy will ensure your visitors receive the highest quality content that matters most to them. If you are not sure who this might be, we can develop digital marketing personas and target audiences so that your content reaches the right people.

Increase social media engagement

Many businesses utilise the wealth of social media platforms now available to promote their products and services, and grow their online presence.

This is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy, since a larger audience means greater brand recognition, customer loyalty, and higher conversion rates.

Knowing what, when and how to share content on social media can sometimes be difficult, but with a solid content plan in place, this task becomes much simpler.

We will identify where your target audiences are on social media, how they behave, and assess your competitor’s activity to plug any potential gaps. We can show you how to join trending conversations online relevant to your business, and organise campaigns with influencers that will greatly increase the reach of your brand.

Search engine visibility

Content marketing works together with SEO, so that any new, useful, easy-to-read information will rank highly in search engines.

This means that a well-developed content strategy that targets the right long-tail keywords will improve the overall visibility and relevance of your website.

PR and backlinks

Sharing your content with the right people, including journalists, influencers and newspapers, is a great way to raise awareness of your brand.

Interesting, engaging content will attract links, which forms a vital part of your SEO campaign, since backlinks are an indicator of authority to search engines and therefore rankings.

These backlinks are from other websites that link to your content, and the more links you can accumulate, the more valued it will become by search engines. Established, reputable news websites are particularly valuable.

Links can also be generated through:

  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • press releases
  • videos
  • infographics
  • other interactive content.

We can pinpoint the type of content your audience is most interested in, so it gives your business the best chance of raising its profile and search enginer visibility.

Grow your email list

Sending offers to those that sign up through your website is a great way of improving conversions and generating new leads.

Sharing fresh, useful content via email can encourage more people to register for your emails so they can receive your special offers, news about new or limited edition products, events and latest blog posts.

Nightingale can help you form the best approach to your content strategy, and start driving results from your digital marketing efforts today. Contact us at: hello@nightingalemarketing.co.uk for more details.