Social media marketing covers many different actions, and refers to the traffic driven through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The use of social media is crucial in any digital marketing strategy, as it feeds into search engine optimisation efforts. This is because many people browsing the Internet use social media to discover new content, which in turn helps to build links.

Many people also carry out searches on social media platforms to find new content, and referrals from social media links can also impact on your authority and relevancy in search engine results.

Many different types of content can be shared across social media networks, such as videos, web pages, photos, images, infographics and blog posts. Social media marketing can bring great success to your business by generating traffic to your website, but it’s essential you are creating and sharing the right content for your intended audience. Like organic traffic from search engines, social media is a great way of giving your business a boost through “free” visitors.

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